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Muffins F.T.W.

So sad the muffin just wanted a friend on her birthday. Lucky for her the Muffin queen took pity on her. Best birthday gift ever…….I think. @_@;;


Yearly project?

Hello there every one! :3 I been thinking lately. I wanna have Muffins F.T.W. as a yearly project. or a every 6 months project. I just know there will be a big gap of time were I won't draw it. xD; But I do love drawing out the characters and I feel I can do so much with the story. So hopefully after these 20 pages I'll be uploading the next few pages.

As for right now though, I'm working on 3 different mangas yet I still am wanting to draw the next script for Muffins F.T.W. I wanna wait until Tuesday. That way I can get a really good story/feel to base the next chapter on. You asked for it pencil! xDDD

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ September 15th, 2008, 1:42 am  -  0 comments

New layout thanks to AyaneSensei

BIG thank you to AyaneSensei for the site layout! It must of been a hassle and a lot of work. ~@__@~ Page 8 will be uploaded today in thanks to her. ^___^

Sorry I didn't have an Author note to page 7 or the filler page. I was so not in a happy mood. >_<'" But I'm feeling much better now! :3 And I got done drawing 8 pages of another manga I'm working on. I don't think today could have gone any better.....Oh Wait, it did thanks to AyaneSensei! 8DD All I need now is a can of Green Tea in my hands and I'll be set. :9

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ August 27th, 2008, 11:57 pm  -  0 comments


Heh, I signed up for Smack Jeeves but I forgot I posted my comic the same day I joined. @_@;; Gah! so I guess I have some explaining to do. 8D;; Updates will be every Monday cause am either happy or over worked and Friday cause I love to update on Fridays since the don of time. :3 Hope everyone will enjoy Muffins F.T.W. Even though it's not the best I done. I'm just so happy I finished. x_x I'll be posting some of my better work on Smack Jeeves after I fix my site. Bleh! So much to work on but I love it. <3

posted by Mashmellow Muffin @ August 9th, 2008, 12:30 pm  -  0 comments

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